DIY Workshop/Party Host INFO

Host Info

Host Benefits

Sierra Vista Party Minimum-5 paid guests. Your DIY Kit is free with 5 paid guests

Tucson Party Minimum- 10 paid guests. Your DIY Kit is free with 10 paid guests.



Host Responsibility

-Pick a date and time for your party. Most designs take 2-3 hours to complete and LUMBER N LACE LLC will show up 30 min prior to set up for the party.

-Provide an adequate space to craft with tables/chairs (A sink is needed as well!)

(We don’t provide floor or chair coverings)

-Invite your guests (friends, family, coworkers. Facebook events are an easy way to invite guests!

-Share the DIY INFO page with their guests so they know what to expect and let them know the final payment date.

- Snacks and drinks are a great idea (but not required) as well because you will have time in between paint coats to snack.


Payment INFO.

We will provide you with a secure payment link to share with your friends. That payment link will expire 10 days before your party so please encourage your guests to get their payments in on time!  If you prefer to collect the payment yourself you can collect money from your guests and have LUMBER N LACE LLC invoice you directly 10 days before the party. All payments must be made 10 days prior to the party. This allows us enough time to prepare for your party as all items are made to order.


Cancellation Policy

All party kit purchases are final and non-refundable within 10 days of the party. The main reason is that most of the designs are custom and can't be reused. I understand that things come up and I really try to work with people. I ask that people contact me and we can do our best to work something out. Current options are:

1.             I will let your guest transfer their paint kit to another painter (who hasn't paid) attending your party IF there is enough time (usually 1 week prior) for me to customize it again.

2.             The person who canceled also has the option of having another painter (usually a friend) or the host make their kit for them. Not as fun as attending the party but a popular option and they still get their finished item.

3.             If the paint design comes in a 'to-go' version your guest will be responsible for contacting me to get a kit at a later date.


If the host cancels the party within 10 days of the party date we will offer her guests a to-go option or the host can reschedule. If the paid guest doesn't wish to take a to-go kit or make it to  the rescheduled party  the host is responsible for the cost of the project for that paid guest.


If LUMBER N LACE LLC cancels the event you will receive a full refund.


LUMBER N LACE LLC is not liable for any injuries or damage done to any person, property, or object. We practice safety at all times. By booking your party you are agreeing to the terms above.