Tired of bringing home those hand-painted canvases from paint night that you will never actually display? Wanna make something you can use and/or decorate your home with? We are here to help! Choose from one of our Workshops or host your own party! 


DIY Parties & Events:

We come to you, set up/clean up, while you and your friends learn some new skills and walk away with an                            item you can be proud of. The best part of hosting? No charge for our host!                                    (with minimum party of 5 paid guests in Sierra Vista and 10 in Tucson)

We also book large work, community, and club parties! Message us for more info!

        We are currently serving the Tucson and Sierra Vista areas. 


Wanna Host A Party? Here's how it works!

1. Contact us and reserve a date! We book up fast!


2. Pick a design from below or discuss a custom design with us (pictures help).


3.We'll send you a secure payment link and party info for you to send your guests


4. 10 days before the party we'll close that payment link and send you the final list


5. Day of the party you set up a workspace with table/chairs for your guests and maybe some drinks or snacks. *MEALS AREN'T RECOMMENDED*


6. We show up 30 min before the party and set up. 


PARTY TIME- parties are scheduled for 2 hours and we ask that they start on time so be sure to ask your guests

to be on time and to prepare drinks or snack before the party start time.


7. We clean up and everyone takes their custom made item home!

Available Designs

The Cactus Collection

Set of 4 Cactus Coasters

Cost: $25 (Host is free with minimum guests)



Cacti Sign

Cost: $35 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Perfect for hanging on your front door or just about anywhere! This sign is sure to brighten anyone's day! Size: approx 10 by 15 inches hanging)


Cost: $35 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Choose your colors and add your last name and established date to personalize this fun hanging sign. Approx 10 by 12 inches without rope.


The Home State Collection

Home State Sign

Cost: $35 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Show your home state pride and personalize this sign with your favorite colors!

 Size: approx 7 by 24 inches)

State LOVE Sign

Cost: $25 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Your husband/boyfriend/best friend's state

Your state



(you can also combine this party design with the additional designs below.)

 Approx. size 5 x 15 inches


Floral AZ State Sign

Cost: $25 (host is free with guest minimum)


Size: Approx 6 x 8 inches (not including hanging portion)


The Farmhouse Collection

Our Best Days Sign


Cost: $30 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Add 2-5 dates and customize this sign with your family's best days in the colors of your choice.


Approx size: 10 x 12 in


Quilt Square Sign

Cost: $35-$45 (host is free with minimum guests)

 So many options with this design! Choose your pattern, if you want a frame, and your colors!

Birch Tree Pair of Signs

Cost: $30 (host is free with minimum guests)


This is the perfect project for anyone! It makes a great couples project for each person to complete one sign. The birds can represent motherhood, love, or nature. So many possibilities. You can add or leave off initials and choose your own colors. 

Family Name Wood Box


Cost: $35 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Perfect addition to any space! Looks great on your table and when you add your name to it your guests will never guess you made it!



Initial Tray


Cost: $35 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Choose your color and add your initial to make this functional tray a one of a kind accent in your home.


Initial Heart Sign

Cost: $30 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Perfect sign for any couple! Can be customized with/out a date, the colors, and stain! So many options here!


 Size: 12 " x 16"

Family Flash Card/Domino


Cost:$25 (Host is free with minimum guests)


A twist on the traditional family number sign. Choose from the family domino or flash card. (Domino- max number on top 3/max on bottom 6)



Chunky Plant/Candle Stands-B.I.Y.

Cost: $40 (Host is free with minimum guests)


B.I.Y. = Build It Yourself Project. You will be be building and painting these. You choose the color! These babies are BIG and work well for large candles or even plant stands. The possibilities are endless!


Design elements: power tools, glue, painting, sanding, and construction.

More Designs

Thin Line LOVE Blocks


Cost:$30 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Choose your line color and badge. These blocks can stack or sit alone.

Personalized Sports Sign


Cost: $25 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Choose your sport and customize this sign with your child's name and colors of your choice. Looks great above their team photo!


Approx size: 4 x 12 inch


Hashtag Sign

Cost: $25 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Choose your hashtag and display it proudly! This is a great design for coworkers or friends! 

 Size: approx 5'' by 15'')

Grad Guestbook Sign

Cost: $30 (Host is free with minimum guests)


The perfect keepsake for the graduate!  This sign can be customized to work for any graduation...Preschool, Kindergarten, Junior High, High School, Or College. The sign will come stained and you can personalize with name and colors.


 Size: 12 " x 12"

No Soliciting Sign

Cost: $25 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Choose your own colors send a funny but honest message to the next person who wants to ring your doorbell.


This kit is also a DIY 2 go kit.

Thin Line Family Name Sign

Cost: $40 (Host is free with minimum guests)


Choose a line color that matches your home decor or make it more personal and use a blue line (law enforcement), red line (fire fighter), green line (border patrol and forest ranger). etc.

**Everyone attending a party/event must sign a liability release form before party**


Tucson parties are only booked on Sat/Sun and the latest start time available is 4pm. To book a party on a week day/night please message us. We are flexible.